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Dennis Kluytmans

Photographer / videographer from the area of Tilburg the Netherlands, With as photo style interest:
- Macro Photography
- Landscape Photography
- Portrait Photography
- Urban Photography

Who am I

As a photographer I am constantly looking for beautiful shots and I'm often on the road.
When photographing people, I try to trigger certain mime which makes the photos even better.
As a people person, this often goes easy. Jovial, open and honest are my main qualities.
The knowledge of the camera ensures that the photos come to life. Are you a photographer and you want to go out on a shoot together? Send me a message. Are you a Model, a couple or do you want to be on the picture, please let me know.


Only for the photographers with lightroom available it is possible to hit the save button above and download my preset pack. I soon will upload more!


Photography portfolio

My portfolio contains several photography styles.
Feel free to take a look.
spain trip - thumbnail

Spain trip
regte heide - thumbnail

Shoot Regte Heide
garden de inspiratiehoeve - thumbnail

Garden de Inspiratie hoeve
shoot loonse and drunense dunes - thumbnail

Shoot Loonse & Drunense dunes
shoot joren en marta - thumbnail

Shoot Joren & Marta
shoot with daan - thumbnail

Shoot with Daan
shoot with natalie - thumbnail

Shoot with Natalie
Zakynthos & Kefalonia 2018

Zakynthos & Kefalonia 2018
Doel België

Ghost town - Doel Belgium

Cinematography portfolio

Mijn portfolio bevat verschillende stijlen fotografie
Neem gerust een kijkje

Travelfeels Zakynthos 2018

Travelfeels Kefalonia 2018

Travelfeels Barcelona 2018

#Travelfeels Miles in Budapest 2018

Cinematic shoot in Doel - Belgium

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